Herbaceous Peony Nursery Herbaceous Peony Nursery


    Peony is a kind of traditional flower of China with a long history of more than 1500 years and has been cultivated as a famous precious decorative plant. The blossom is so large, elegant and poised, it has been praised as the King of all flowers and the most beautiful flower. People regard it as the symbol of peace, happiness, prosperity and it is deeply loved by the people all over the world.

Heze Peony has large blossom, bright color, graceful pattern and heavy fragrance and attains superior quality among the varieties of decorative peonies. The diameter of its flower is generally about 20-25cm. Its petals old together and the folds can be as many as a hundred or even more. Its flower pattern can be divided into nine with the shape as simple-petal, lotus, chrysanthemum, rose, sweet-scented osmanthus-holding, golden-ring, crown, silk-ball and pavilion, etc. Its color can be categorized into nine system as yellow, whit, pink, red, purple, black, green, blue, and multi-color, and in each color system the shades of the flowers also vary from dark to bright.  Of the whole, the black peony and green peony are the most rare.. The blooming period of Heze peony is from mid-April to the early-May. During the full blooming season in each year, there are so many peony flowers in Heze city blazing with color that your eyes can not take it all in. And every year there are nearly up to one million of people coming here for sightseeing, making literay and artistic creations, exchanging scientific experiences and holding trade talks. This place is really a magnificent scene  with flowers like an ocean and people like surfs.

Heze Zhenhua Peony Co., Ltd is one of the biggest peony grower and seller in China. Our company have a nursery of about 300 mu growing 200,000 tree peonies and 100,000 herbaceous peonies. We grow about 100 varieties of tree peonies and 60 herbaceous peonies. We think service and quality are the most important for both of clients with us. So we ship strong and healthy plants only to clients. We ensure plants can grow well in gardens of clients.

Each year, we can supply following plants:

1.      200,000 plants of tree peonies

2.      100,000 plants of herbaceous peonies.

3.      200,000 pc of fresh herbaceous peonies cut flowers

4.      20,000 potted tree peonies

5.      20,000 forced potted tree peonies.

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